Day to day the airline industries are also grown up and new airlines industries are established rapidly. Those new airlines industries are taking Air hostesses from existing airlines, and withholding is becoming a problem. This is not only for pilots or Air hostess and flight attendants, but also for management slow destruction is concern. For the Air hostess training and the pilot or overall cabin crew training industry and airlines industry as a whole, it is a good thing that the interested candidates who want to become a member of these airlines industries can get a chance for their career growth is being encouraged. The airlines are bound to face air hostess or Flight Attendant shortages. Cockpit maintenance engineers are like gold for now.

In all over the world the domestic air travel forecast to grow by 25 percent a year for the next five years. Because of the less accident rates, aviation market is thriving, and carriers, air hostess training industry and aircraft manufacturers companies are working overtime to keep up with required. The domestic passenger traffic during ’2006-07 was about 29 percent over last year, a powerful growth by any standards. Aircraft engagements during the last year were up by 20% all over the world. The domestic air passengers are increased by 22% to 23%, meanwhile aircraft progress increased by 14 to 15 percent.

That’s the reason for the aviation sector needs lots of Air hostess training institutes, aircraft manufacturers industries. These all points have one fact that the Aviation sector needs support from the good Air hostess training institutes to facilitate the interested candidates, so that the airlines can employ trained professional to take up the highly demanding Air Hostess job.