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The Air hostesses or flight attendants are a very important element in the flying process. Air hostesses or Cabin Crew try to keep everything running smoothly on each flight, and they deal with the desperate situations that arise when things don't go according to plan. Our revolutionary Air Hostess Training methodology instills in them the confidence and expertise required to make a mark for themselves in the aviation industry. So, the courses are offered as per the international standard.

  • AHTI offers unique personality development training (not found in any other institute), and perfection in decision-making capability through a structured effective personality development technique brought out in 100 easy steps to change the personality and mental makeup of Nepali Students.
  • An opportunity, AHTI has the plans to build up an aircraft galley & cabin mock-up to make the training more realistic and effective.
  • The course period is for FOUR and HALF (4.5) months which covers domestic & international in-flight services procedures.
  • The class is conducted 2 hours a day for morning & afternoon groups.
  • After completion of successful training candidates are ensured for 100% job placement assistant.


Course Module:

  • Aviation General Knowledge
  • Aviation Terminology & Phonetics
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Theory of Flights
  • Aircraft Emergency Situations
  • Basic Ticketing Knowledge
  • Aircraft Evacuation Procedures
  • Grooming & Personality Development
  • In-flight Food & beverages Services
  • Aircraft Emergency Equipment & use
  • Telephone Handling Manager
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Customer Care & services
  • Basic Knowledge of Food & Beverages
  • General Saftey Procedures
  • In-flight Announcement
  • First Aid Knowledge
  • Fitness Training
  • Swimming Lesson
  • Public Speaking
  • Ground Handling

(The training covers several topics, each of which deals with technical or non-technical aspects of the aircraft. Beginning with the history of aviation, the candidates are made to learn In-flight Service, Passenger Handling, Passenger psychology, Service of meals on the Aircraft, the art of conversation, Transactional Analysis, Emergency Evacuation System, Personal Grooming and Hygiene, First Aid, Confidence Building, Handling of visually impaired passengers, Making announcements, Emergency demonstration etc.)